Write cold, Revise Ruthlessly

Write Cold

Hello, and welcome to Write Cold. I’m Katherine, a writer and student-scholar, here to walk with you on your journey to bettering your writing practice. Whether you are a seasoned writer yourself, just starting out, or somewhere in between, it is my hope that this site will answer some of your questions or even provide inspiration.

Inspiration, though, can be fickle. It can strike at the most inopportune times–like when you’re in the shower with no writing materials in sight. It can strike when you’re in the middle of your commute to work, or as you’re falling asleep, only to vanish with the sunrise.

That’s where writing cold comes in. Inspiration, for all its warmth and good vibes, is no foundation for a lifelong writing practice. Writing cold is sitting down and continuing to do what you do, regardless of how inspired you may feel. You know what they say, “All first drafts are shit.” With ruthless revision, even the worst first draft can become a masterpiece. After all, “it’s all a draft until you die.”

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